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Dry Erase Markers

During the 70s, wet erase markers were a popular writing instrument for use on overhead transparencies used by lecturers for academic or business presentations. At the same time, school children were still being asked to stay late and beat the chalk out of the teacher's erasers. Suddenly an idea arose for a versatile new product, a dry marker that could be used on a non-porous surface and later wiped cleaned without producing harmful dust particles. By 1975, Pilot Pen would patent the dry erase marker (or non-permanent whiteboard marker) that used a special ink which prohibited the pigment particles from sticking to any non-porous surfaces. Over the next twenty years as the popularity of dust-sensitive computers grew in the classroom and boardroom, whiteboards quickly began to replace the antiquated chalkboard and erasable markers became the standard. Nowadays, the refillable dry erase marker is used to write, doodle or draw on glass, mirrors, windshields and just about any non-porous surface. Thanks for visiting the Pilot Pen website. Please continue to browse and let us know how we can improve your online experience.