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Have you ever had a pen that fit your hand perfectly? Then suddenly your favorite writing instrument ran out of ink. But before you could find a refill that would fit, you lost the barrel. Well you can halt your online search for affordable ergonomic pens. The Dr. Grip line of high-quality writing instruments from Pilot Pen feature a standard stick-style body with a wide barrel and a large rubber sleeve to reduce the amount of force needed for a comfortable grip. In fact, a three-month study at the Georgia Tech Research Institute the ergonomically-designed Dr. Grip pen was found to have a lower center gravity and were preferred 2-to-1 for comfort over all the ink pens tested. Whether you're doodling to pass the time or writing a note to a long lost friend, Pilot pens help to eliminate the physical discomfort for those suffering with hand or joint pain. And, you will never have to worry about running out of ink. Pilot's retractable pens have refillable ball point ink that is smear-proof and readily available. For ease of use and lasting comfort, pick the Dr. Grip ergonomic pen that best suits your writing style.