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Once the basic design for the first mass-produced felt tip marker reached the marketplace, manufacturers were quick to recognize that expanded applications were dependent on discovering new inks. With a growing demand for writing instrument that could be used to draw attention to written or printed text, ink developers turned to a water-soluble fluorophore called pyranine. Due to its high water-binding capacity and pH-sensitive properties, it became the secret ingredient for the first (fluorescent yellow) transparent ink used in a highlighter. From marking memorable passages in a book to identifying important information on a shipping label, the everyday applications for multi-colored highlighters are unlimited. Being fluorescent , highlighter ink glows under black light causing many bars or clubs take advantage of the ink's phosphors to mark patrons hands for reentry. Today, Pilot offers a selection of fluorescent markers including the chisel-point Spotliter and the complete Frixion line of erasable highlighters. Thanks for visiting the Pilot Pen website. Please continue to browse and let us know how we can improve your online experience.