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Do you need a pen that writes smoothly at any angle? Almost anyone with a big calendar hanging in the kitchen will love the new Down Force pen from Pilot. The plunger button on top not only exposes the pen's tip, it pressurizes the air near the end of the ink tube for smooth ink flow, even if you're writing upside down. A sturdy spring-loaded shirt clip allows for hands-free portability as well as serves as the trigger for retracting the writing tip. The full-body barrel resembles the manufacturer's popular Dr. Grip line and features an attractively knurled pattern with three grip rings for use in the most challenging circumstances. In fact, the Down Force from Pilot is a hard working pen that is ideal for use in aviation, construction, utilities, healthcare, trucking as well as workers in the service industry. The durable waterproof design writes in all conditions whether wet or dry and even floats. If you are tired of running out of ink at any angle, the Down Force pressurized ballpoint pen won't quit after a few letters. This all purpose writing instrument eliminates backflow and provides a rich ink flow for perfect lines every time.