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While not the first object that manufacturers made a priority for everyday user convenience, the retractable pen is a great example of what happens when ingenuity is applied to making a tool easier to use. As is often the case, there is an ongoing disagreement as to the origin of the retractable pen, and multiple manufacturers lay claim to being first to the marketplace. We believe that Pilot Pen was actually the first to produce a retractable pen and that fountain pen is still one of the most popular products in the Pilot-Namiki line. On the other hand, we did not create the annoying phenomena of "pen clicking" which occurs when retractable owners get bored (or nervous) and is studied today by psychologists worldwide. Our goal was to protect both the pen's tip and the pen owner's pocket which is evident in our expanded line of retractable ballpoint pens, markers, gel pens, rolling ball pens and fountain pens. Thanks for visiting the Pilot Pen website. Please continue to browse and let us know how we can improve your online experience.