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CenterStage NX Series

The CenterStage® NX Series is a line of communications servers designed for large-scale carriers and optimized to serve as a foundation for Next Generation Network(*1) (NGN) services.

The exceptional performance, capacity, and reliability of every product that wears the CenterStage NX badge ensure the ability to meet the strict requirements of the NGN networks that will comprise the next-generation social infrastructure.

  • The ability to accommodate increased session and traffic volume triggered by a variety of services in a low-cost manner
  • The ability to connect seamlessly with a wide range of networks
  • The ability to function safely for end users, inspiring confidence and peace of mind

The CenterStage NX Series includes the following products

  • SipAs™ on WebLogic

    This application platform includes feature-rich enabler and development environments.

  • SAG (Service Access Gateway)
  • NX5000

    This IMS core switch enables emulation.

  • NX5100

    This proxy server features IMS support.

  • NX5200

    This media gateway control function makes it easy to migrate to IMS and features special domestic relay functionality.

  • MGW (Media Gateway)
  • NX3200

    This session border controller features bandwidth control, IPv4/v6 conversion, and high-speed media conversion.

  • *Some products will be released in future.
  • *1NGN(Next Generation Networks)

    A next-generation network architecture for which the ITU-T is currently developing the specification. Based on the Internet Protocol (IP), this next-generation communications network assumes the enhancement and expansion of IP networks and incorporates conditions such as QoS and the separation of service and transport functions. NGN standardization efforts at the ITU-T began with Study Group 13 (SG13) during the second half of the last session (2000 to 2003). Intensive consideration of the technology continues today based on an organization known as FG-NGN (Focus Group on NGN), which was created in 2004 to accelerate the consideration of NGN specifications.

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