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Investor Relations


Stock Information

What is the stock code?

The stock code is 6703.

Where are OKI's shares listed?

OKI's shares are listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

When were OKI's shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

They were listed in November 1951.

Is there any special benefit plan for the shareholders?


When is the Annual Shareholders' Meeting held?

The Annual Shareholders' Meeting is scheduled in late June.

Financial Information

Where can I find the latest financial results?
When is the accounting period?

The fiscal year ends on March 31 of every year.

When does OKI announce its financial results?

The financial results are usually scheduled: during late July and early August for first quarter, during late October and early November for first half, during late January and early February for third quarter, and during late April and early May for full year.

How can I make an inquiry about IR?

Please use the IR Contact.

Corporate Information and Activities

Where can I learn about OKI's company profile?

Please refer to the Corporate Profile.

When was OKI established?

OKI was founded in January 1881 and incorporated in November 1, 1949.

Please describe the corporate history.

OKI's history has begun back in 1881, when Kibataro Oki established Meikosha Ltd., the forerunner of today's OKI. We have contributed to the society in information and telecommunication field over more than 130 years of period, since we delivered Japan's first in-line multiple switchboard to the Tokyo Naniwa-cho substation in 1896.
For details, please refer to the History.

What is the corporate philosophy?

OKI's corporate philosophy is: "The people of OKI, true to the company's "enterprising spirit," are committed to creating superior network solutions and providing excellent information and communications services globally to meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide in the information age." For details, please refer to the Corporate Philosophy.

Please describe management policy.

OKI has developed the "Mid-term Business Plan 2019" in May 2017. OKI reinforces earning capacity, as a top priority, and establishes a foundation for achieving sustainable growth and evolution, in order to be a company that can secure stable profitability.
For details, please refer to the Management Strategy.

What is OKI's advantage?

OKI's advantages are distinctive technologies and product development ability accumulated over more than 135 years of history as well as business know-how learned in years of trusted relationship with customers. With these advantages on base, in ICT business, we offer solutions, products and services supporting customers' digital transformation in the various fields, such as social infrastructures including disaster prevention at bridges and tunnels, and transportation, as well as the fields of finance and manufacturing.
In Mechatronics business, with the mechatronics technology on core, we offer cash handling equipment for financial institutions and retails, in addition to ATMs with the leading share in Japan. In overseas market, we offer products on worldwide as we proactively proceed business deployment in China, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Russia.
In Printers business, we offer compact, high speed and high resolution printers and MFPs (Multifunction Printers) leveraging the strength of printing method utilizing LED technology as a light source. Recently, we are also focusing on industry printing market such as particular printing and wide-format printing, upon the strength of media compatibility, which enables printing on films and particular cloth.
In EMS business, we offer design and manufacturing service for high-end field with the features of high-mix low-volume production, high quality and high reliability, leveraging the manufacturing technologies cultivated within OKI Group.

What is OKI's stance on corporate governance?

We are working to bolster and enhance corporate governance based on our fundamental policies, including "enhancement of management fairness and transparency," "timely decision-making processes," and "full compliance and fortification of risk management." Three outside directors for the Board of Directors and two outside Audit & Supervisory Board members for the Audit & Supervisory Board are appointed as independent directors or auditors who have no conflict of interest toward general stockholders. Additionally, OKI has implemented the executive officer system to separate the functions of business execution and oversight of management and promote timely decision-making processes.
Moreover, "OKI Group Code of Conduct" has been established seeking for legal and corporate rules compliances; we are working on enhancing compliance consciousness of all employees of OKI Group.
For details, please refer to the Corporate Governance.

Please describe the social contribution activities.

Our basic philosophy of social contribution activities is, "As good corporate citizens, we think, act, and pursue social contribution activities with broad public support to achieve a truly affluent society." Under the slogan, "Let's start by doing what we can do!" the OKI Group and its employees are working as a team in various projects intended to make social contributions to further both society and the company.
For details, please refer to the Philanthropy.

Please describe the environmental conservation activities.

Our environmental policy is as follows: "The OKI Group achieves a better global environment by providing products and services that contribute to the development of the information society for the next generation, and inherits this within the group." Under our "OKI Group Environmental Vision 2020" set as the mid-term aim with four themes, we plan specific activities and implement them.
For details, please refer to the Environmental Conservation.

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