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Approaches to Anti-Corruption

The OKI Group is promoting initiatives to prevent corruption, which is a global issue, based on the "OKI Group Anti- Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy" that we established in fiscal year 2013.
The "OKI Group Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy" complies with anti-corruption laws and regulations that apply in each country and region where the OKI Group operates, such as the Japanese Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the UK Bribery Act. The policy defines the basic requirements for complying with laws and regulations and conducting business appropriately. As company bylaws, we established specific rules for recording the exchange of the gifts and receiving/offering entertainment, and compliance with these rules at each Group company is monitored annually by OKI's control division. In fiscal year 2019, there were no issues related to bribery or corruption in the OKI Group.

Thorough Compliance with Anti-monopoly Act

In February 2017, the Japan Fair Trade Commission issued a cease and desist order in accordance with the Anti-Monopoly Act and ordered OKI to pay fines with regard to trade related to digital wireless communication systems for firefighting and emergency use. We are working on prevention measures to ensure this never happens again.

A system based on our regulations for compliance with the Anti-monopoly Act has been implemented and operated for recording contact with competitors. With respect to training, the Anti-monopoly Act is repeatedly taken up to ensure that all rules are strictly adhered to. In fiscal year 2019, sales training was provided by an external instructor from the Japan Fair Trade Institute.

In addition to continually monitoring the implementation of Anti-Monopoly Act-related rules and improving the effectiveness of our framework, we will strive to generate a sense of compliance awareness by continuing to send out compliance messages from top management.

Elimination of Anti-Social Forces

In our "Basic Policy for the Establishment of an Internal Control System," OKI has clearly expressed its firm stance of resolutely preventing any kind of relationship with organized crime across our entire organization by working with the police against anti-social forces. The "OKI Group Code of Conduct" and related regulations declare all employees to be thoroughgoing on this front. We have also compiled a manual on how to respond to organized crime, and our transaction contracts carry a clause for eliminating organized crime.

Efforts for Security Export Control

From the viewpoint of serving world peace and preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, OKI has made various efforts to abide by all applicable laws and regulations about security export control as an exporter. Among them is the establishment of the Rules for Compliance with Export-Related Laws and Regulations. More specifically, the company's Export Review Section and Export Review Committee carefully examine all export-related business transactions.

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