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OKI's Efforts for Quality Assurance

Under its quality philosophy of "providing products that always make customers happy," the OKI Group considers its customers to be the center of "Mono-zukuri and Koto-zukuri" and strives to develop, produce and provide products and services with due consideration for safety and user-friendliness.

Quality Assurance System and Management

Product quality assurance in the OKI Group is achieved through the activities of all divisions and employees involved in the product life cycle. We conduct quality assurance through collaboration between the Group Quality Assurance Division, which adopts a Groupwide perspective, and the quality assurance sections of each business division, which have business-specific functions.

Quality Assurance System

Furthermore, we have obtained ISO9001 certification at almost all our production sites, and have built the most appropriate quality control system for each production line or product. Also, continuous efforts are being made in each operation to incorporate the customers' voices, which are received through daily communication and the surveys on their satisfaction levels, to improve our products, services and systems.

Quality Improvement Activities Based on Quality Policies

Based on our quality philosophy, we have established Group Quality Philosophy and engage in quality improvement activities across our organization.

Quality Fraud Prevention Activities

In addition to previous on-site surveys, in fiscal year 2019 we launched a new activity by conducting a questionnaire- based survey of all OKI employees to raise awareness of the need to prevent quality fraud and check for signs of fraud.

Improvement Activities

After each project related to product development is completed, we look back on the entire project from upstream to final processes to build improvement mechanisms that reflect the customer's perspective.

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