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Initiatives for Occupational Health and Safety, Health Management

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

OKI established "Safety and Health Committees" in each region, with company members from management and the labor union. These strengthen the safety and health system, create plans to prevent labor injuries and accidents, patrol workplaces, provide safety and health training, etc. The Central Safety and Health Committee shares information on situations and initiatives in each region. OKI鈥檚 incidence rate of occupational accidents(*1) in 2019 was 0.00, falling below the electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry's average of 0.54 (in Japan).

  • *1 Incidence rate of occupational accidents: Number of casualties due to occupational accidents per million man-hours worked.

Incidence rates of occupational accidents

2017 2018 2019
0.22 0.24 0.00

Support for Mental and Physical Health Promotion

The OKI Group considers the ability of employees to endeavor toward their work with both mental and physical health to be an essential point of management. Thus, through coordination with our health insurance association and occupational health staff, we endeavor to support the health of our employees and their families.

Support for Employees' Autonomous Health Improvement

To enable employees to work toward autonomously improving their health, OKI established "MY HEALTH WEB"(*2), a health portal site for individuals, in June 2019 as an initiative to strengthen self-care, making it possible for employees to view their health check results over the years and health advice suited to their lifestyle habits, and to register and manage their daily steps and weight.
In addition, the "Health Challenge Campaign"(*2), in which each employee selects and works toward a health mission, has been held annually since FY2018. In fiscal year 2019, 2,678 employees participated in the campaign to improve their health. Moreover, achievement conditions are set in the campaign; in fiscal year 2019, 64.2% of participants achieved these, a 4.8% improvement over the previous year, and received achievement awards as incentives. Participants in the initiative made such comments as the following: "It led to improvements in lifestyle habits such as diet, sleep, exercise, and smoking."
In fiscal year 2020, we will hold a campaign during the two months of October and November which also incorporates COVID-19 infection prevention measures.
In addition, we carry out initiatives in which participants can improve their health while having fun, such as walking events, health promotion events implemented at each business site, and the like. (In fiscal year 2020, due to the spread of COVID-19, we suspended group events.)

  • *2 Established and conducted for insured persons at affiliated companies enrolled in the OKI Electric Industry Health Insurance Association.

Scene from a health promotion event held at OKI System Center (Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture)

Mental Healthcare

We conduct stress checks to promote mental health measures, and endeavor toward subsequent follow-ups and recommendations for meetings. Further, in addition to promoting the utilization of "Kokoro Wellness Navi"(*3), a self-care support tool, we have prepared a system which offers counseling by specialized staff members. This preparation included setting up consultation counters handled by specialized staff members such as occupational physicians, and setting up the "Mind and Body Counseling Counter"(*3), which can be used by employees and their families. For employees preparing to become managers, we conduct e-learning, where learners can learn about the prevention of mental disorders, as well as early detection and early treatment for those with mental disorders. In this way, we are endeavoring toward the strengthening of mental healthcare in the workplace.

  • *3 Applicable individuals: Persons insured through the OKI Electric Industry Health Insurance Association and their dependents.
Promotion of Collaborative Health

In order to effectively engage in disease prevention and health promotion for employees and their families, the OKI Group promotes collaborative health, in which the Company and our health insurance association collaborate to carry out initiatives. We have established the "Health Management Business Promotion Committee," composed of the Company, our health insurance association, occupational health staff, and labor union members, as the central organization of our collaborative health promotion system, and hold meetings twice each year. In these meetings, we share issues based on the analysis of various health checks, medical expense data, and so forth, and propose and implement various measures, such as initiatives aimed at improving health awareness and lifestyle habits. Furthermore, each month, we hold a working group between the Company and our health insurance association, where we engage in data analysis, verify the progress of each measure, exchange opinions, and so forth.
In March 2021, OKI was recognized in the large enterprise category of "2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations" as a company proactively making efforts toward health promotion.

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