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Initiatives for Smart Work-Life

In August 2020, OKI launched the "Smart Work-Life Project." In order to conduct sustainable business activities as a company that contributes to resolving social issues, OKI has envisioned a highly productive work style and work-life balance that are in line with new lifestyles during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and until fiscal year 2022, will systematically carry out measures to realize this vision.

Project Targets

1. Promotion of Digital Transformation of Work Styles

We will accelerate the digital transformation of internal work processes which we have been engaged in, and aim for the construction of a work environment where work can be completed online.

2. Pursuit of Well-Being

In pursuit of the well-being of each and every employee by, for example, preparing environments in which employees can continue working even in cases of various life events such as childcare, caregiving, work transfers of spouses, and illness, we are aiming for the creation of rewarding workplaces. In addition to aiming to promote employee retention and the securing of a wide range of capable human resources, we will accelerate our diversity promotion initiatives.

3. BCP

We will build a resilient structure that can respond to various risks such as infectious diseases, natural disasters, and conflicts, maintain and continue business activities, and maintain production activities.

Main Measures

1. Realization of Smart Work Suited to Workplace, Occupation, and Work (Pursuit of Work Styles that Maximize Productivity)

Upon improving IT, network, and office environments and considering the situation regarding COVID-19 measures, we will pursue the most efficient work styles and aim to improve productivity while exploring the optimal arrangements for telework and office work for each occupation and workplace, and conducting fixed-point observation through pulse surveys of all OKI employees.

2. Improvement of Work Style Flexibility

We will review work systems which take office work for granted, and shift to systems in which telework or office work can be flexibly selected in accordance with work objectives (productivity). We will aim to improve diversity by building a structure in which employees can work without time or location constraints by, for example, expanding shared offices, proactively utilizing flextime systems with no core time, and reviewing the approach to transfers.

3. Office Reforms

We will redefine offices as sites for co-creation and cooperation between customers and employees and reorganize our business sites. While cutting our office space in city centers by half, we will expand shared offices.

4. Work Reforms

We will accelerate digital transformations, and with regard to internal procedures, we will comprehensively abolish the practice of using seals on documents and build environments in which work can be completed online. Further, we will take stock of work duties and promote the discontinuation of unnecessary work duties and the simplification of work.

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