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Enhancing the Protection of Personal Information

System for Protecting Personal Information

The OKI Group has enhanced the protection of personal information based on the Privacy Policy enacted in August 2004. We have committed to the protection of personal information on an organizational basis under the leadership of Chief Privacy Officer. Privacy managers have been appointed at the corporate level, and in business units and group companies. We have also established privacy regulations and other related rules that flesh out the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

The Group's response to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was compiled as a policy document, and measures have been taken based on this.

System for Protecting Personal Information

PrivacyMark Certification

We in the OKI Group are encouraging group companies to acquire the PrivacyMark certification, to show that they are taking appropriate measures to protect personal information. OKI and seven Group companies have acquired PrivacyMark certification in Japan as of June 2020.

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